Product Science

Learn all about the science behind our products.

To start, the company owns their own manufacturing facilities, located in Moldova Europe. The facility is 48000 sq ft and can produce over 25000 boxes of product each 8 hr shift. This does a couple things, 1. its keeps our trade secrets.. SECRET! 2. Having your own plant with Dr’s and Scientists on staff, allows you to work on new products, as well as make changes as needed in either product production, ingredients, packaging etc.

Now lets get down to the Science of APLGO’s one of a kind Health lozenge drops!

Some of the following video’s are a bit long, some of that is translation, the other is just the sheer amount of information they share!

The Basics
How our DNA Drops are made
Immunologist on APLGO DNA Drops
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CLICK HERE to see video’s from Mary Esther Gilbert.
Nutritional Physiologist
Holistic Nutrition, Energy Healing
CEO, True Health Mastery Online Academy
She has written a 600 page Reference book all about APLGO’s Product line!