STP: Aches, Pains, Strains

Deborah Stringer-Pringle

My son Luke has a condition called, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and for him was excruciating pain that would shoot through his legs when he came to rest at night. He would thrash his legs about, kicking and wrenching from the discomfort. He said, “It feels like someone is trying to rip my legs off”!

What was supposed to be the part of the day that he could just lay down and recover from his constant movements through the day the discomfort would hit him like a ton of bricks at night. After going to specialist after specialist we received our answer. The Pediatric Rheumatologist said there’s no cure but to strengthen the muscles around the veins and arteries throughout his body especially the legs.

She described it as throughout the day the elasticity in his body was more than the usual person has and with movement it would stretch the ligaments, veins, arteries and muscles out all day, so like a rubber band when it comes to rest it will begin to tighten up again.

This caused extreme problems for Luke. I would find him in pain, crying at night just trying to fall asleep. We tried so many things to help him. You name it, we tried it. Finally a girlfriend of mine offered for me to try a new product from Europe that may help.

I agreed, and since the lozenges taste like candy, Luke just took them at night thinking Mom was sneaking him candy. I didn’t tell him what they were because I didn’t want a pseudo response from him.

By day 3, of being on the 2 lozenges he was no longer struggling to fall asleep and even better he was no longer waking up in excruciating discomfort. After, 3 months of taking one SLD and one STP at night, now he only takes them when needed. Usually 2 or 3 times a month.

There may not be a “cure” but there is no doubt in our minds that there is “Real Help”! I’m so grateful for what God brought into our lives and continue to look forward to sharing all the successes!!!

He recently was able to meet the man that brought that amazing product over to the US after being in Europe for 9 years. He didn’t speak English, so Luke took my phone and Google translated his gratitude to him.

Simply, Grateful 🙏

From: Sue Schaber September 27 at 6:48 PM · Gotta share this. Woke up this morning, jumped out of bed, jumped in the shower, got dressed for church, watered my garden, made some coffee before I realized I had zero pain in my knuckles or knees. I mean zero! After sitting in church for more than hour I took note that I wasn’t the least bit stiff when I stood up. I have done a few other chores throughout the day and feel awesome! I’m convinced it’s the drops. Been taking STP, SLD, BTY routinely every day with a few extra here and there. WOW! Hope I feel the same way from now on!!!

From Sarah Lynn: Hi I’m Sara, this is my first post here!I’m new and recently started using these drops to help with the long term issues I have from a spinal cord injury as a teenager. I’ve been dealing with paralysis, nerve pain, muscle spasms, fatigue, muscle weakness and chronic pain for nearly 20 years.
So far I’ve been using
I’ve noticed a reduction in the need for cannabis use
Easier movement and flexibility
Less spasms
This is after about 3 weeks of starting the drops.

From Logiver Jean Sarah: The whole family is suffering from colds, coughs, head aches. Thank you so much aplgo products, I’m well in 2 days but my kids are still suffering from coughing once in a while. No fever! So much love with this products. Any products can do as long as you take it diligently. #sld #stp #nrm #rlx #colds #flu

Edwina Carabajal On July 9th I slipped on the last step going down a cement stair case as I was leaving the pool/beach area in the common area of my condo bld. Ultimately I found out that I fractured my right ankle. I am a very active Senior and at that time I was also afflicted with a tennis elbow problem with pain from 1-10, it was a 15!!! So the right side of my body was out of commission and the pain I was experiencing was NOT fun!! Im not one to take over the counter or RX pain pills. I think that was just about the time I was hearing about APLGO and contemplating…should I or should I not! I decided that now was the best time to get my own testimony of a health product since I am healthy and don’t take any medications like many of my peers do. It took me a few days to actually join and purchase my products. I will say that I am so grateful for the low cost for delivery and the AMAZING rapid time of delivery. I received my SLD and STP along with some of the other pretty boxes of Candy on August 10 and within a few days I could tell that something was happening. As I said before, I am very active. I have had chronic low back, shoulder and neck pain due to previous activities and injuries. I have had to sit with my foot elevated and use my upper body so as not to apply pressure on my foot. Miraculously, I have not had any pain in my body throughout the rest of this ordeal after using these amazing products. I am so grateful to have my own personal knowledge that this nutrition/candy gives my body the tools it needs to repair itself. Now, If only I can get this boot off my leg and get my freedom back I will be a Happy Camper! 🥰

From Wendy Hansen: After giving STP to a friend for severe tonsillitis pain, she noticed that the ingredients included red peppers. She is severely allergic to anything in the cayenne pepper family and she had her epi pen ready. After no allergic reaction happened, she was amazed to hear that the DNA in the drops do not contain the allergens found in the whole plant, so no allergic reaction occurs. Incidentally, her throat pain was improved by the drops and she ordered a box! AND…..My daughter’s TMJ pain went from a 7 to a 2 after 5 min. of sucking on the STP! #tmj

Charyl Reid I want to share with you why I am so excited. It was confirmed yesterday that I have plantar fasciitis and it has been developing for years starting in my arch. It took 8 months with my custom supplements to take the pain away when I noticed. I have slowly stopped taking it only to have the pain come back. I am taking STP every time I have pain. WOW, what a difference talk about instant gratification. SLD has been great for my joints also and as of today I have no pain, but will continue as this is great nutrition and really helping. It is great to walk normal again and no more walking on the front of my feet like a little old lady. No more pounding of the pain too. The name alone STP and SLD are surely living up to its name this has only been the first week and I can’twait to see what the future holds.

Dallas Stephens Because I’ve been exercising and lifting weights almost everyday as part of my morning routine for the last 15 years my muscles can get pretty sore. I’m 63 and finding the older I get the longer it has been taking for me to recover until…I started taking STP and SLD. Now my recovery time has shortened and I don’t feel nearly as sore as before. I’m ready to start all over again and power through another workout by the next morning. 💪🙂

Bill Megge I love STP ! I have badly herniated lower discs however I like to maintain an active lifestyle.For the past 2 months my aches & pains have been soothed drastically !Now part of my repertoire !

Sheryl Sams I came home yesterday and my grandson was here and had been crying cause his ankle was hurting so I gave him a drop for pain and within 5 minutes he was laughing and ready to go play. It was amazing love it