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As someone who has been dealing with bladder issues since I was born, I know when I have a UTI. Typically, I go to the doctor and get an antibiotic, but I wanted to try to get rid of it myself this time (even though every other time I’ve tried that, it just gets beyond awful – even to the point of going to the hospital).

This time, I asked my team if we have any drops that help with UTIs; that was 5 days ago. They came back with a resounding “PWR Men” (our hormone balancing drop for men). I started taking one of those drops three times a day, and today, my infection is gone. In five days – with an all natural solution! With a drop I wouldn’t have thought to try, but it was the one with the botanicals I needed. I’m so thankful for these drops and my knowledgeable team who knew exactly what I needed to do ??♥️

For A Mature Audience Only | This is BIG News! ??

You know… they say some things need to be kept private ? and never talked ? about. But today I’m breaking the rules and must share something quite significant. I hope everyone in this group is 18+ years of age and full of mature adults because this post is about sexual health. ?‍??

I’m not going to make this post VERY LONG (no pun intended) ?. I’m gonna keep it short and sweet.. kinda like our healthy candy ?. My wife Sarah and I have an amazing sex life! I’m surprised we don’t have more kids lol. We met in our early 20’s and if you could imagine.. the love, lust, thrill and excitement was at it’s maximum! ?

We are now in our mid 30’s ? and so many things in our lives have changed. We now have a kid ? that requires 100% of our attention. We work from home full-time and have an ever growing business ? that also requires a lot of time and attention. The money is amazing, but as you know.. this lifestyle can be draining ?and exhausting at times. It’s a “good problem to have” (not complaining) ?‍♂️.

As everyone already knows.. sometimes the sexual fire can die down and libidos aren’t what they used to be. It comes with getting older, stress, life changes, etc. Nevertheless, ?? we still got it! However, ever since Sarah and I have been taking the Men/Women’s #PWR, we have noticed that our libidos have recharged and remind us of how we used to be when we first met ??.. if you know what I mean! ??

Before we started our daily #APLGO health regiment, we heard that #PWR for men and women was notorious for increasing blood-flow ? in certain areas ??‍♂️ while significantly increasing libido, energy and stamina, but naturally, we were a bit skeptical of the claims. Well, we’ve put it to the test and HOLY SHISH-KEBAB! ?#ItsTrue

-????? & ????? ??????

Naomi Chacon
Dec 18 2021
**PWR W & M testimonial **
I am a woman that has tried it ALL!
Cleanses, Diets, Fasts, Restrictions, Life style changes… to lose weight or feel better.
I am 35 & After 2 weeks of PWR W I noticed my attitude was better, fatigue was less, I had a willingness to do more, bought of depression was gone, hunger feelings throughout the day were subsiding, stress levels were manageable… PWR W has helped me balance my hormones and support my daily healthy function. I do take BTY & BRN & ICE & MLS every day, but I have added them along the way. I like to see how I feel on just a few drops at a time.
My husband is 45 & started taking the PWR M and his attitude improved, he stated his fatigue wasn’t as bad, stress levels were more manageable as well. It helped support and balance him as well. We added SLD for joints and RLX for sleeping and instantly started noticing a difference. The first night his knee pain subsided and he woke up groggy because he actually slept. Grogginess subsided after a few days of actually sleeping.
These drops have changed our lives!
My 8yr old & 5 yr old daughter’s started taking GRW daily and loved the taste, but after I saw the positive changes to help balance our attitudes I switched both daughters to PWR W to see if it would support them as well. Their attitudes have changed for the better. They are less emotional ? in the way that no one is freaking out over their outfit or hair anymore ??‍♀️? PWR W has helped bring normalcy to my daily routine. ??THESE DROPS HAVE CHANGED OUR LIVES ??Our lives have only gotten busier and more stressful but we maintain with more function and positive attitudes which I contribute to the PWR W & M. It has been the first time I have felt like *ME* in a lot of years.I donated blood ? after a few months of being on the drops and my weight has gone down, the cholesterol has gone down and my iron levels (hemoglobin) is the highest it’s ever been. My body is happy and keeps telling me how happy it is. ?
*these are my own personal experiences
*these drops are not meant to cure or diagnose.

For the last several months I have had to get up multiple times to use the restroom, unfortunately men often times have to do that as we get older. I am just short of 60 so I guess I qualify for that age group. After using 2 PWR Lemon Lozenges a day for about 5 days I slept through the night. No more midsleep pitstops. That is definitely better for my health.

From Theresa Campbell Becker: My husband has been taking ALT + PWR DNA drops for 4 months and now has came off 2 1/2 meds .Background info : My husband started having unexplained anaphylactic reaction plus body hives, 8 yrs ago this June. After a number of testing, he was diagnosed with, No known cause of chronic hives. Anyone that has experience anaphylactic reaction, knows how scary and possible life-threatening it can be. This DNA plant drops came into our lives at the perfect time*A GOD SEND*Yes, I am a huge skeptic, but I did my research. Everything I read about nutrients to the body, these DNA drops provided + they are 100% absorbable! The most impressive part, for me, was the way they worked… They bypass your digestive system going directly into your cell deficit. Our bodies can only absorb what our DNA is made of. Through my research, in reading, I found that plant DNA is the closest thing to human DNA. So, we decided to try it, I am so happy we did! Terry, hasn’t had any hive breakouts nor anaphylactic issues since taking this…..BUT to our SURPRISE he was able to come OFF his reflux meds, Prilosec/Nexium that he’s been taking for 24yrs ? WOW !!!!NOW that’s IMPRESSIVE too !?OFF 1 1/2 pills for Hives after 8y?OFF Prilosec for Gurd+narrowing esophagus after 24yALT DNA drops are good for so many things, like, hives, asthma, allergies, some people have experienced no more food allergies from taking this….AMAZING!PWR DNA for men, good for prostate, MALE hormones, Libido and so much more . I too have had some amazing results, Which I’ll talk about in another post.I decided to come out of retirement and shout this from the rooftop…?Telling anyone that will listen…?Don’t take my word, prove it to yourself that they work. #PWR#reflux