Here you will find each products ingredients, a short video about the product as well as guides on what products address what parts of the body.

The 17th product in the Acumullit SA range will help you breathe deeply with its fresh flavor. The ingredients of this product are unique and selected exclusively for you. By selecting the ingredients, we have gathered the power of the five continents. We have not limited ourselves to anything, but have found the strongest and safest ingredients from around the world.

MACA (Lepidium meyenii) Is a unique herb from the highlands of South America. The vitamins and minerals that maca contains have a unique composition.

AFRICAN ALOE This AIR ingredient is native to Africa. The popular aloe vera occupies a firm place in the cosmetic industry and in the medicine cabinet. It is moisturizing and contains many minerals and vitamins.

ROSE HIP Contrary to the general idea that the rose hip is poisonous, it is actually edible raw. The little berries really have something special. Rosehip berries are incredibly rich in vitamin C, containing even more than kiwi and lemon combined. And even when five apples are added to these berries, the rosehip will still stand out for its high vitamin C content.

GOJI BERRIES Eurasia has given us goji berries. Goji berries have been used in Asian herbal medicine for over 3,000 years. These juicy orange-red berries grow on a bush that was originally only found in Asia. The berries have a sweet and sour flavor and are packed with good ingredients.

AMLA (INDIAN CRANBERRY) Amla is a traditional Ayurvedic medicinal plant. It has been used for centuries and is said to have many positive effects. The plant can be ingested by humans or used for skin and hair masks. Amla ingredients consist of valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

CRANBERRY Cranberries are a gift from North America. With their high content of vitamin C, they are an excellent super-food. It has strong antioxidant properties.

LEMON This magical fruit contains a lot of vitamin C and is a natural antioxidant. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe already asked his readers: Do you know the land where lemons bloom? He meant Italy, of course. Today, people associate the lemon with the Mediterranean region. But it is still not clear where the lemon comes from. Both northeastern India and southwestern China are possible regions of origin.

BLACK CURRANT The black currant is one of the oldest plants in traditional European medicine and was already cultivated in the gardens of monasteries in the Middle Ages. This shrub, which can reach two meters in height, is found in Europe and Asia and is very popular for its tasty fruits that contain vitamin C. It is therefore obvious that this multifaceted plant is not only used in pharmacy, but also in cosmetics and in the culinary field.

VITAMIN C: Vitamin C contributes: to the normal function of the immune system; to normal energy metabolism; to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue; to the production of collagen to maintain the skin, teeth, gums, bones, cartilage and blood vessels in normal conditions; to the normal function of the nervous system; to normal mental function; to a better absorption of iron to the protection of cells against oxidative stress.

VITAMIN D: Vitamin D contributes: to the normal function of the immune system; to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth; to the maintenance of normal muscle function; to the normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus; to the maintenance of normal calcium levels in the blood; and has a role in cell division.

ZINC CITRATE: Zinc contributes: to a normal function of the immune system; to the protection of cells against oxidative stress; to the maintenance of the skin, hair and nails in normal conditions; to the maintenance of normal bones; to normal carbohydrate metabolism, fatty acid metabolism and protein synthesis; to normal fertility; to normal cognitive function; to the maintenance of normal levels of testosterone in the blood; to the maintenance of normal vision.

☁️ (AIR) Helps increase lung capacity, improves resistance to negative factors, anti-inflammation and anti-microbial, decrease frequency of infectious diseases, clears and normalized blood circulation, increase plasma levels of anti-oxidants (anti-viral, anti-bacterial). ☁️ Of course vitamins help the immune system become stronger and recover quickly! The top 3 vitamins that are the best at strengthening immunity are included in AIR, direct to th

PFT or PERFECT is our 18th product and will be released in May 2023

PFT will attack visceral fat! that is the fat that wraps around you organs and become very dangerous!

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