Negative IONS, Absorption and More!

Here we discuss everything about Negative IONS, what they can do for your body.
We will share info on Absorption of our lozenges, as well as why they work so fast!

Lets start with Negative IONS:

Negative IONS are found in mother nature. They are more prevalent around moving water, like the ocean, a river, stream or creek, rain forests as well as waterfalls. Negative IONS give your body a feeling of peace and calm, of tranquility. They are known as the “good vibe” you get from mother nature. They can help lower your breath rate, heart rate, BP and relax your body.

Many people love the smell in the air after a thunderstorm, these are negative IONS! they are what make your laundry small so good when line dried (maybe not so much in a big city!)

WebMD has a great article about negative IONS, you can read it HERE

Here is some more info about negative IONS:

Negative IONS can counteract the BAD effects of Positive ION poisening

Now that you know a bit about why negative IONS are so important, let me give you the good news! ALL of our lozenges are infused with Negative ions! We have a patented process called Accumulit SA, that is used to infuse all of our lozenges with these precious nature sent “good vibes”. Here is a short video that goes thru the process of infusing our drops as well as the absorption.

APLGO Lozenges with negative IONS and how fast they are absorbed

Okay, now lets talk about absorption some more! Think about it.. if you have digestive issues, or any issue really, and you put “chemicals” into your body via OTC, “over the counter” pharmaceuticals that include ingredients that your body cannot digest, how can you expect your body to correct the issue when it cannot digest most of what your giving it. In Reality, and I am NOT a doctor, MOST things that the average person takes OTC are not meant to fix anything, they simply MASK the issue at hand. When you give the body what it needs, it can and will correct itself!
Poor Nutrient Absorption Destroys Your Immunity

Nutrition is only good for your body IF YOU CAN ABSORB IT!!
This is what makes the plant DNA lozenges I take so unique!

🧬 It’s all about bioavailability. What does your body actually absorb and utilize? Not as much as you might think.
🧬 Most people don’t ever see or feel a difference with their supplements but they keep taking them and hope they are working.
🧬 With these drops, absorption is through the mucous membranes, making the delivery of nutrients to the cells FAST! In some cases, you can feel a difference within minutes.
🧬 If you’re ready to try something different, something better, with 100% bioavailability, please message me. I have affordable solutions that can improve your quality of life