GRW: Immune & eye health

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Touran Wolfley: I have been struggling with chronic dry eye syndrome for years. Just found an amazing doctor, that finally got me diagnosed properly. I have been taking GROW less than a month and has seen fantastic results. Not needing to put drops in every hour to hour and a half. Completely changed my life as it would anyone. Eyesight is so precious. So so grateful for this product to come in to my life.
I have worn contacts for 30 years and about 4 years ago kept having my contacts scratch my eyes from my eyes being too dry. After 3 months of taking this product, I am noticing my eyes are not as dry, not rubbing my eyes, or the burning in my eyes that I use to experience are gone. I have not tried to put my contacts in but yesterday realized they were not hurting and am ready to try wearing them. I will update this soon! I am so excited that they don’t hurt! 🥰
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May be an image of one or more people, people standing and text that says '#1 IMMUNE BOOSTING PRODUCT GRW GRW is apotent blend of nutrients to help maintain the body's natural alert and active immune responses & body vitality. "Spending time in the air with thousand of travelers, Ifeel protected against sickness... Thank you GRW!"- Carmen European Olive (leaf), Echinacea (root), Astragalus (root), Reishi Mushroom Ashwagandha( Balsam (fruit), Aloe (leaf), Cranberry Bilberry Rowanbe (fruit), Husk Tomato (fruit), Black Currant'