MLS: Good Gut microbiome

Tina McMullen Malsom
I love this one.. my gut health was a red flag in a DNA report so taking this everyday keeps me from getting bloated and stomach discomfort! #MLS #guthealth
Amber Burns
January 7, 202 ·
My son has had chronic constipation his entire life. I always tried natural solutions as Miralax has nasty side effects. Since having him take the MLS drop daily, this has completely resolved itself. Gut health is so important. I’m so grateful to have a natural, healthy solution that tastes amazing also! #constipation #guthealth

This is from my friend, who will remain nameless, as this disease has always been a bit embarrassing. Not anymore, haha, because his symptoms have disappeared 🙂“I have had what is called IBS “D” which means heavy diarrhea, and abdominal cramping; basically I go to the bathroom way more than the average person. After taking MLS & HPR (once a day, each), 3 – 4 days in…I said to my wife, “My stomach doesn’t hurt.” I didn’t have the cramps I have woken up with since I was 16 (over 20 years). My trips to the bathroom became less frequent throughout the day. A few days later, my wife said, “Honey, you haven’t complained about your stomach hurting at all today,” and I replied, “Because it doesn’t.” This was only 1 week after taking MLS and HPR. It’s really kind of mind blowing, I was used to waking up with intense stomach pain for the last 20 years or so, and to have it all of a sudden stop, I almost got scared haha! What’s going on?! I’ve tried dieting before (keto, vegetarian, etc.) but nothing has worked like this. Since being on MLS & HPR, I haven’t had even one “bad” morning…this is light years difference than where I was before. My pain was usually at 6 to 8/10…and now it’s down to 1/10, or a 0/10! I’m amazed, thank you Mark.”

Janet Smith I have been using the MLS for a few weeks now maybe a month. I have problems with gut health and had a twist in my bowel and had to have ER surgery to remove some of it. Since then Dr. says need to stay regular and but still have problems getting a little backed up, i.e. constipated. Since I have been on this no more problems with this at all, things are “regular” now.
Linda McBee I love this product. It has been my go to the last 16 months. I had Lyme disease and was very very sick. I have experienced many other autoimmune issues including being car sick when I ride. I was NEVER able to read, do anything without getting nauseous. This weekend have been on the road most of the weekend and have been able to help ppl get started, message people, and not have any side affects from motion sickness. I am so grateful for these products and this one specifically! It has truly given me my life back. I had IBS and traveling was hard between the motion sickness and the IBS I was always needing to stop. It has been a nice feeling to say that I haven’t needed to stop every few minutes. 🥰 #lymes