ALT: Easy Breathing

From Theresa Campbell Becker: My husband has been taking ALT + PWR DNA drops for 4 months and now has came off 2 1/2 meds .Background info : My husband started having unexplained anaphylactic reaction plus body hives , 8 yrs ago this June.After a number of testing, he was diagnosed with, No known cause of chronic hives. Anyone that has experience anaphylactic reaction, knows how scary and possible life-threatening it can be. This DNA plant drops came into our lives at the perfect time *A GOD SEND*Yes, I am a huge skeptic but I did my research. Everything I read about nutrients to the body, these DNA drops provided + they are 100%absorbable ! The most impressive part, for me, was the way they worked… They bypass your digestive system going directly into your cell deficit. Our bodies can only absorb what our DNA is made of. Through my research, in reading, I found that plant DNA is the closest thing to human DNA. So, we decided to try it, I am so happy we did! Terry, hasn’t had any hive breakouts nor anaphylactic issues since taking this…..BUT to our SURPRISE he was able to come OFF his reflux medsPrilosec/Nexium that he’s been taking for 24yrs 🥰 WOW !!!!NOW that’s IMPRESSIVE too ! 🎉OFF 1 1/2 pills for Hives after 8y🎉OFF Prilosec for Gurd+narrowing esophagus after 24yALT DNA drops are good for so many things, like, hives, asthma, allergies, some people have experienced no more food allergies from taking this….AMAZING! PWR DNA for men, good for prostate, MALE hormones, Libido and so much more . I too have had some amazing results, Which I’ll talk about in another post.I decided to come out of retirement and shout this from the rooftop… 🎉Telling anyone that will listen… 🎉Don’t take my word ,prove it to yourself that they work.Reply39w

Dec 19 2021
🎊 Well here is my mega gain for the day! 🎉
If anyone knows my husband they know he has been dealing with some pretty heavy depression/anxiety attacks.
He has been taking 💊 for 9 years. He also took klonopin at least once a day (if not more) for his anxiety attacks.
He has been taking the DNA 🧬drops and we have seen noticeable changes!
His toe nails were always super dark and thick (think Austin powers). 😂
Now they’re clear and look like normal healthy nails!
His reflux has decreased, he has had more energy.
But today……
He told me he hasn’t taken his klonopin In weeks!!!!!!! THIS IS HUGE!!!!
⭐️Edit to add: I was talking to him the other day and I misunderstood. He not only pretty much quit klonopin, he also stopped taking his daily celexa. I am BEYOND thrilled!!! ⭐️🤩🌟
He has been taking the
PWR, GTS, ALT and I have started adding the BRN.
These drops have literally given my family so many gains (the extra funds haven’t hurt either).
The other added bonus is no one complains about taking their morning candies!! 🍬

From Ton Banuelos: Here is my first testimonial (more to come) about the APLGO product — ALT:
I have always had breathing difficulties for one reason or another, and at different extremes. From having bronchitis as a child, to asthma as a teenager, and chronic allergies as an adult.
My DAILY routine was to take a Claritin-D every morning. This is not your typical over the counter allergy medication. It is heavily monitored. The FDA even banned it to be sold over the counter because of the main pharmaceutical ingredient Pseudoephedrine which can be misused. Let alone the adverse affects it has.
I am happy to share that I have officially replaced Claritin-D for the ALT health drop! 🙂
Recommendation based on my experience:
Take 2 for the first few days. I noticed the results after one week and gradually get better, now only take 1 daily.From

From Theresa Becker:This is a long read but full of info that may help you or your love one.❤️My husband woke up one morning, 7 yrs ago with a swollen face & lips , he was having anaphylactic allergic reaction, from what, we have no idea ! After 2 shots and meds from our doc, his swelling went down. After going to an Allergist, doing all the test and following directions he was diagnosed with chronic hives, this means unknown cause of allergic reaction. Doc said this can happen to anyone at any age. If he doesn’t take Benadryl and (fexofenadine , 24hr slow release) every night, he will have a anaphylactic reaction while he’s a sleep , which is very scary and can kill you. I have searched for 7 yrs for answers to help him, he’s my world. I was introduced to these DNA drops for my REFLUX issues, tried them , loved it ! They REALLY WORK❤️ So I thought I would start my husband on ALT , for allergies & PWR lemon for all over men’s health, to see if this would help him with his allergic reactions. After 6 weeks on the DNA drops (ALT+PWR) he’s gone 12 days without his Fexofenadine ….PLT 🙏🏻 In 7 yrs he could not miss taking this pill or he would instantly break out in hives and his face start swelling. These DNA Drops are accumulative response to our cells . We truly believe if he takes these daily he will no longer have to take the pharmaceutical Benadryl & Fexodenadine . We are believer in these DNA Drops, 100% all natural plant base , organic, 100% absorbable tasty drops, healthy for our bodies. I know what the ICE+ MLS did for my reflux, the HRT has lowered my cholesterol and blood sugar after my heart attack 7 weeks ago and NOW, Terry’s has gone 12 days without his fexofenadine …..WOW ! These Plant DNA drops work with our bodies DNA bc our body can only absorb what it’s made of ….Plants DNA is the closest to human DNA making them 100% absorbable, 100% natural and organic…..WOW !

Do you suffer with allergies? 🤧 I did with sinusitis, rash and more 😰 candy that told my allergies to take a hike🚶‍♀️