Dr Mary Esther Gilbert

Nutritional Physiologist
Holistic Nutrition, Energy Healing
CEO, True Health Mastery Online Academy

Mary Esther has written not one, but TWO books about APLGO’s products. The first book, was taken off the market in 2021 and re-written and updated. Although the 2nd version does NOT mention our APLGO products by name or the company, it was re-written to protect us from possible legal issues going forward. The new version, Potent superfoods for lifelong truth health, you can PURCHASE HERE, has updated charts, graphs and more in it! its a wonderful tool to have on hand!

Below are just a few of the Live zooms and interviews Mary Esther has done for APLGO. Newest first.

Mary Esther Gilbert on ICE: Oct 2022

May 10, 2022 Mary Esther on ALT

Mary Esther Gilbert on NRM