HRT: (heart) BP, Circulation, RLS

Kristin Combs Keller

After being on blood pressure medication for over 10 years, two months ago, I stopped taking it, and my numbers are great! Getting off my cholesterol medication is next. #thanksaplgo

JenAlise Englade


Being an empath isn’t for the faint. Last week has been the most trying work week. The energy has been very heavy. Too many people angry, disturbed, sad, hurting, indifferent, and so many other emotions. I absorbed so much of it and for the last two days have been wiped with no energy, so tired even though I slept well. With this said, today, I felt the start of an anxiety attack coming on. For me, panic attacks and anxiety attacks start with my heart beating too fast. In the past I took a beta blocker called Atenolol when this would happen and my heart rate would come down within 15 minutes. I haven’t had a need for this med for 2 years. Today out of the blue, I felt it coming on again. I thought ?, “let me try the HRT I have”. I seriously kid you not, in less than 5 minutes my heart rate returned to normal and I felt great. Another win! ??

Gail sees instant results with HRT! SO CAN YOU! many people are not aware that sometimes headaches and blurry vision are symptoms of high blood pressure!

Tammy Neves: My personal experience with HRT was a blessing! I do alot of physical work ( ie heavy lifting and climbing ladders ) Over the past year I occasionally experienced rapid heart rate and dizziness. Sometimes so bad that I had to go lay down for about half an hour. It happened yesterday and I decided to try a HRT drop. I’m not kidding when I tell you that within seconds ( not minutes ) everything went back to normal. I’m going to be keeping my box of HRT with me at all times!! ?❤️???

Joyce Wilson: I use HRT daily – I was starting to get shortness of breath and fluttery pains in my heart area. Since we have heart issues in my family I thought it would be a good idea to add this to my daily diet ….no more heart pain and I also added ALT and my breathing is great

Jenni Middleton: I have been on blood pressure medication for years. I have had a DNA test which indicates variations in the heart healthy gene. There is heart disease in my family. So with that in mind it is a no brainer that I take an HRT every day. I am starting to cut my blood pressure pill in half. I did consult with my Doctor and will be getting my blood work done in July as well as a check up! I can’t wait to see the results and how my body has changed. Although I don’t “feel” this HRT drop, I know that it is changing me at the cellular level and working to prevent any future incidents. YEAH!!! AND, bonus I don’t have to take a big horse pill!!

Dawn Scarbrough: better half has been taking HRT since Oct. his doctor has reduced his BP meds by half. He is not having the shortness of breath and his chest pains are gone! Looking forward to the day his doctor takes him completely off his meds!

Tammy Elifritz NevesI don’t take HRT on a regular basis. There is heart conditions in my family. Not sure how much was hereditary and how much was from lifestyle. Regardless, I pay attention to my heart health. When I was working for a company that required wearing a mask, I had a couple “episodes” of rapid heart rate, chest pain, dizziness, and shortness of breath ( 20 + years working in healthcare – not a nurse ) I could have called 911 but I didn’t. FIRST – I removed the mask. I then sat down, grabbed my HRT drops and started sucking on one while taking deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth. With each passing minute, the dizziness went away, my breathing became deeper and more steady. My heart rate slowed and the pain went away. I took a second drop and after about 20-30 minutes I was back to work.
I am 61 years old and my job was stocking farm products and equipment. I was climbing ladders, putting things weighing 30-40 lbs on a shelf above my head. Unloading skids of 50 lb bags of feed. 5-6 hours with no break on 2 cups of coffee. My point is that if you are working at a job that’s physical, and you’re not eating healthy, cutting off your oxygen supply… you could be a candidate for a heart attack!! If you have any symptoms, get help. But changing the way you take care of your heart and getting these drops as part of your heart health regimen, I highly recommend!! ❤️

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