NRM: Blood Glucose

Debbie Lewis Noechel-Roupe 

This is a wonderful testimony for our drop NRM. How it really works to help those that are diabetic.

I met this lady today who asked “do you have any drops for someone who is diabetic?” I shared the info about NRM. She showed me her medical device on her arm tht allows her to check her numbers with a little flat device that fit in her front pocket. I’ve seen this advertised just never seen in person.

She even showed me how it worked and how it reads her numbers. She was at 65, 66 she ate & it went to 138. She checked it prior to the drop at 204 and it went to 212 quickly. She said wow I feel really good, I feel like I have energy to complete the day. That was at 1pm. I texted her to check on her and she said she is doing great & still feels she has lots of energy.

Normally she has to take a spoonful of sugar to get what she felt naturally today.

My heart feels good being able to help ????

February 24, 2023

From a friend:
I just said to Tom the other day too!? They’re just so yummy, it’s hard to just eat one! Now with that being said, check out my picture collage I put together! I’m Type One Diabetic and dependent on a pump for insulin. The other day I tested the NRM to see if it truly would affect my blood glucose/sugar level. Sergey said when they’d do home meetings, they’d check anyone’s blood glucose who had issues with diabetes. They’d then have them Pop an NRM Drop and check their numbers again in 40 minutes and he said every time their numbers would come down! As a Type One Diabetic, my numbers need to be 70-120. They go below 70, and my pump automatically suspends and stops giving me insulin. They go above 120, and my pump automatically gives me insulin. And when I eat, I have to program my pump to give me extra insulin based on what I just ate. Now then… I decided to try that very thing and you’ll want to note the times on my meter and pump! WOWZER!! Folks, you can’t fake that!!! This is for real gang!! Each picture was taken approximately 20 minutes apart. From the 1st to the 4th was a total of one hour. Now while we can’t make any claims, I can share “my personal” testimony with all of you. Now while my pancreas makes no insulin and therefore, I will forever need my pump, NRM still brought my numbers down! Which means my pump won’t need to give me quite so much and that means a savings on insulin going forward.
?ChaChing!!? ?
Check out my collage above
Dee Coats
Omg this is the best one Ricks numbers have been in the 189-190( he does hold a lot of stress so that will elevate his numbers) but for the last four days they have been 140-142 Hallelujah you all have no idea how this makes me feel ?❤️ with his stroke on top of that it challenges the hardest part is to keep reminding him Not To Chew ?

Ann Marie Byrd on Migraines: Good morning,
I am 51 and have had debilitating migraines that would last at least two sometimes 3days since I was in 5th grade. Started off with tingling on my right hand and usually only on my right side. It would start at the fingertips but then would jump up my hand then arm to then only the right side of my face. I would get what I call the squiggles. A single spot in my vision that had lines, but as my migraine progressed that spot would slowly grow bigger. I knew the moment I saw that dot I was done. Light sensitivity, nausea, and extremely painful. A few times I lost my peripheral vision. As I got older I noticed when the squiggles started moving out of my vision, growing but separating I realized two things one I caught the migraine in time, or I didn’t. I was on medication. Hated it, falling asleep in college classes sucked, but what I didn’t know then, I do now. One migraine or should I say more than one put me in the hospital because of the severe pain. Both times what the hospital gave me was Benadryl. So I started doing my own research, why did Benadryl work? I started finding out about my own body to stop these migraines. I found out I had allergies to certain foods. MSG, gluten, nitrates in red wine, hotdogs, bologna, to much sugar and not enough exercise or water. Once I started taking those out, drank more water, exercised more, those migraines didn’t happen as much or as often. I haven’t had one for 2 yrs until a few weeks ago, I got a squiggle!!!! Was I worried? No need to worry APLGO was there.. I took a NRM and a RLX. I thought I was done for the day headed to the bed to cover my head and let it come. I closed my eyes.. Half an hour later no sleep for me, the migraine was gone. No residuals, like feeling a Mack truck hit you. I was smiling, no squiggles, no pain, it was gone. Thank you APLGO for the DNA candy drops and the opportunity to learn and grow with you. #migraines #headache #rlx

Lynn Baldwin
I have been trying to get this update posted for a while. This is my Dad’s experience with NRM and his blood sugar levels. First let me give you a little background. He’s 83…..will be 84 in April. He has tons of health issues going on with diabetes being one of those. He’s set in his ways. He craves sweets and he basically lives off sweets regardless of the consequences.
His first NRM was on 12/29. He had his insulin shot earlier in the day and actually had not eaten that much of anything at this point. You can see on his list the difference it made in about an hour and a half. He was skeptical at first. Said it “might” have been the “candy” and he might try another one.
He was so impressed with the 116 reading the next day that he decided to not do his insulin shot. I did advise that he shouldn’t just stop the insulin. Again…..he is hard headed. He hasn’t had insulin since 12/29 and these are the readings he got for the next few days. We probably should have been more consistent as far as times and if before he ate or after he ate, but this gives you an idea. The higher numbers were usually after he ate. Before starting NRM it would be well over 200 after eating.
He quit writing the results down, but they have been ranging about the same and sometimes even lower. He had a doctors appointment last Thursday. He took this paper and then his reading was 108 that day. The doctor was very impressed that his “new” medicine had done that well for him. He quickly told her that he never started on the new medicine and that he quit taking his insulin shots. He told her he was using something all natural. AND to my surprise, she said to him, “Mr. Baldwin, I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep it up.” ?
He’s reminded me twice just this week that he’s almost out and not to let him run out. I told him not to worry. I have more.
Now, I know this is an extremely long post, but I want to add another big win. He has also suffered from interstitial cystitis for nearly 15 years. It’s rare in men, so that alone makes it difficult. I won’t go into all the different procedures etc that he has had. Just know that it causes tremendous pain.
Normally when he has a flare up, he suffers for at least two weeks. He had one just a few days ago. I gave him a SLD and RLX when he first told me about it. He said he could tell a difference. I gave him another SLD and RLX before he went to bed and when he got up the next day the flare up was over. Less than 24 hours when it normally takes 2 weeks.

omg this is the best one Ricks numbers have been in the 189-190( he does hold a lot of stress so that will elevate his numbers) but for the last four days they have been 140-142 Hallelujah you all have no idea how this makes me feel ?❤️ with his stroke on top of that it challenges the hardest part is to keep reminding him Not To Chew ?

Beth Weisser I have type 2 diabetes. I take Janumet 50/1000 twice a day. I’ve been stable on that dose for several years. My waking bloodsugar is typically above 130. This morning I got busy and forgot to take my meds. I ate normal during the day and was fine. By 4 I wanted to have something sweet so I ate several squares of my 95% dark chocolate. I started to feel bad. At 5:15 I checked my bloodsugar and it was 212! I took a NRM. With only drinking a little water by 6:10 it was 185 and at 7:00 it was 106!!!! I’m so grateful

Mary Frost This is my favorite, I have type 2 diabetes, and my readings are more normal now. This product has brought my FS up when low, and down when high, unbelievable!! Never in my life would I believed that candy can help control my A1C, Unbelievable!!

From: Denise Sudduth September 20 at 8:06 AM · Approx a month ago I had a friend visit from Florida. She tests her blood glucose every morning. Me thinking I was all good had her check mine. To my utter surprise it was 125. That is very close to pre-diabetic. So I began using NRM twice a day. I have seen a steady decrease (bought myself a monitor kit) daily. Today I want to shout from the rooftop it was 97. Doing nothing different than NRM!!

Ken Labine · VERY HAPPY DAY FOR MILO ?About 5 months ago…Milo was diagnosed with Kitty Diabetes! Story gets happier ?But last night was the first time in a long time he was able to jump onto my daughters bed ?THE AMAZING PART OF THIS STORY!!!I stopped giving him Insulin Sept 9 @ 730am!Sept 9 his Blood Glucose curve was 19.8 at the vet 830am.Our goal is 9,Milo has been as high as 30+He is at a high dosage of Insulin already so we couldn’t increase safely anyway. SO We had a happy/not happy Milo.Sept 16, One week no Insulin, His number did not go up it went down to 18.3 reading at vet 8am.I was adding a NRM lozenge to his water but using a big cup.Hoping to get the numbers lower I decided to dilute it in less water.Sept 23, now two weeks no Insulin,His number again did not go up!It went down to the lowest I have ever seen since he been diagnosed 14.1 again reading taken at vet @8amWe have another follow up Sept 30! BUT after he jumped onto my daughters bed (highest bed in house) I just cant stay quite anymore. In North America its called “medical practice” for a reason. Its time we all look more closely at what natural benefits herbs, fruits and vegetables can do for your body!NOTE: This statement is not intended to treat prevent or cure any diseases. Nor does the FDA approve my above statement!BUT the numbers from the vet are clear as day so I have to inform!

Tammy Elifritz Neves So, I hadn’t made this one part of my daily drops because I didn’t think I had a problem with my glucose ( not diagnosed anyway )
Then a couple weeks ago I started craving and eating more breads, pastas and potatoes. I figured it was because of the weather changes and the body’s response to the colder temperatures. Then I started having issues. Those sugar cravings and the symptoms of lower blood sugar levels in between meals, especially in the morning. Now I pop a NRM drop when I get the shakes or when I get a craving for sweets. I’m happy to say that it’s working. ? The other issues are clearing up also

Angelica Salterio This is my very first story of APLGO INSTANT GRATIFICATION DROPS. I just have this urge to share it because this will benefit not just my family specifically my mother but those who are struggling with health issues specially with sugar. You can ask me anytime and I will be very much willing to share my story. God bless and stay healthy !?

Listen to what Joseph is experiencing: ??“I had been taking NRM daily for 4 weeks. My A1C came down to 7.0. My average blood sugar readings was <130. To see if I could really attribute the difference to the NRM drops, I completely stopped taking them for 3 weeks. Since then, my average daily blood sugar readings have climbed to >150. Am I going back on 1 NRM drop daily? You bet your SWEET butt I am!”