BTY: Hair loss/growth, Skin ailments, Nails

Product Spotlight!🔍💡Antoinette’s results!She is using BTY and PWR-Women 💪My 30 day results are in 🤩 Wow.. just look at that. I did screen shots so you can see dates!I wanted to give an honest review on this so I skipped getting my nails painted over the holidays. I usually get them done only a few times a year anyway.🌱 21 Different negatively charged ⚡️ ion botanicals.. a powerhouse of ingredients to aid our bodies at a cellular level. Again WOW!It’s not a pill, it’s not a powder and what I’m doing.. it doesn’t even go through the digestion process.As we age our cell turnover process slows way down.That’s annoying right 🙄What if we had something to aid in the renewal of our cells?What if we could literally age backwards from the inside out?Skin texture, brightness, elasticity. Cellular renewal. Scalp health and hair vitality. Can’t wait to see what it does for my hair 🤓(I was a couple days in on the before pic, oops) My thumbs NEVER grow out, they always break.PS: I don’t take any other “supplements”

Mary June Superticioso Burns: These drops are amazing. I am so excited to have noticed that my nails are so strong and has grown longer so fast! I don’t have lots of falling hair unlike before. My skin is also getting better. With the onset of depression and stress, this RLX is a great helper. Aside from these, I have testimonies with ICE. How effective and fast acting! It’s amazing! Hahaha. As I have shared with the Zoom meeting, I’ve been battling cancer (Thyroid/ Lymph nodes) the 3rd time (15 years) and second surgery is recommended but I avoided it. I took the natural way to heal and added the APLGO DROPS made the cancer undetectable. Prayers that my new blood test results in 2 weeks will be the same. I am #grateful for my friend Lizzie Tiu for sharing with me. And for the awesome leaders we have! #cancer #bty #rlx #hair #nails

Nicole Jones My oldest daughter who has had acne and scaring issues as a teenager, has been taking this for almost 2 weeks now and has noticed her skin tone has actually softened and hasn’t had a breakout in about a week. She loves it. Will update in another month. 🙂 #acne

Maria Polidoro I chose to start taking this as my 1st and one and only drop to see if it could help with some skin flare ups/eczema I recently started having and I am SO happy to say that my skin has completely cleared up and my eye wrinkles have diminished slightly in only using for 2 weeks 1 a day! Fantastic product. #eczema

From: Sue Schaber September 27 at 6:48 PM · Gotta share this. Woke up this morning, jumped out of bed, jumped in the shower, got dressed for church, watered my garden, made some coffee before I realized I had zero pain in my knuckles or knees. I mean zero! After sitting in church for more than hour I took note that I wasn’t the least bit stiff when I stood up. I have done a few other chores throughout the day and feel awesome! I’m convinced it’s the drops. Been taking STP, SLD, BTY routinely every day with a few extra here and there. WOW! Hope I feel the same way from now on!!!