RLX: PTSD, Hyperactivity, Sleep, Anxiety

TESTIMONIAL: “Hi Julia & Don, I want to thank you for the DNA candy samples. Talking about in the nick of time! I was right in the middle of a panic attack when my samples arrived. I took one of the RLX and within minutes it was gone! I’m so excited to try all the others. I want to ask u something: is it o.k to give the link for a sample to my room mate? He’s very much interested in this. Well just wanted to get in touch and thank you. Am looking forward to experiencing all the other candy. S.F., California”

Ruth Mayne: This is the very first product I took! I was not expecting the results I got, that is for sure! I am they type of person who when I go to bed, no matter how physically tired I am, my brain just will not shut off, so I have a very hard time many nights in getting to sleep. On night one, I took a RLX and the next morning when I woke up I thought, geez, I fell asleep in about 20 mins! so on night two, I took note and sure enough I was asleep in about 20 mins.. every night since, I have been able to relax, shut my brain down and fall asleep! I have confirmed my sleep times with my smartwatch, as I was astounded! I have the same problem when getting a massage, or going to a float tank, I pay for extra time as it takes me awhile to wind down, NOT ANYMORE! This product is great and I would recommend it to anyone who, like me cannot relax quickly

John CampanelliI love RLX, I also have hard time shutting down my brain, or sleep 2-3 hours wake up then unable to go back to sleep for hours but do for another 1 or 2 hours more but hate to wake up without feeling groggy the next day and weak from lack of sleep. The first time I took a RLX I was calmer then less than half hour fell asleep and had an Awesome night sleep. I slept longer and a deeper sleep and woke up the next morning feeling much more rested, more alive with a more positive outlook for that day. Love RLX.

Vicki Goss Karschner I could not sleep last night and I was up until 2:30 struggling when I remembered I had RLX! I took one, went back to bed and it wasn’t even dissolved in my mouth completely and I could feel my chest, my legs and my entire body relaxing to the point where I struggled to turn onto my side. I was asleep within minutes and woke up 6 hours later. WOW!!!

Rieke Boswell I think I’d forgotten what proper sleep was. Passing out and good sleep are not the same thing. When I take the RLX I feel I’m going through the sleep cycles. Even if I don’t sleep longer, I feel my brain has “downloaded” and I feel more rested mentally.

Laurie Christie MoserBedtime was always difficult for my younger son, but these have really helped! Now he asked for one and then WANTS to go to bed shortly after. It’s been such a blessing or our family ❤️🙏

Randi Mead Guys and gals!!! I have been using these amazing drops for just over a week. I have gone from getting up every hour to last night sleeping a total of 9 something hours with the longest stretch being a solid 7.5 not waking. Look at the quality of sleep I love these so much.

Kara Hale AcreAmy Sue Senciboy Phillips I love these RLX! They help me calm my mind in the evening. I still have to deal with insomnia but RLX has helped me so much. My mind doesn’t go 100 mph anymore…

Randi Mead Results from someone who sampled!!! Love getting these messages

From Kevin Chabot: I don’t know about y’all, but I slept like a baby last night! 🛏😴 It’s crazy because I’ve always had insomnia, and my brain 🧠 just can’t turn off when it needs to. But the #RLX (Relax) Anion DNA Drops does the trick! I have tried everything 🙄.. like melatonin and magnesium supplements, essential oils, etc.. but this works 100% of

Tina McMullen Malsom I went to the dentist this morning for a cavity filled I haven’t been in years. I just hate going to the dentist it gives me massive stress But I popped in RLX in my mouth on the drive there and by the time they started working on my cavity I was completely relaxed and anxiety free!!

Jasmin Martin I have been having problems with my heart rate. Then I discovered my heart lowers when I take RLX! So now I just take a drop instead of trying to lower with pills.

It’s wonderful to wake up to a text like this!!

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Shawna’s Story on Seizures and rlx! #seizures

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From a friend of mine! do you have pets that don’t like thunder? fireworks or other things…. THIS WORKS!

“This is what happens when you give your dogs RLX because it’s storming outside.”