ICE: Acid Reflux, heartburn, Indigestion

Darde Gamayo
So for no apparent reason I can think of… I became very nauseated today. To the point I almost felt like 🤢 🤮.
I was about to grab a Zofran 4mg but hesitated because I knew I would get a headache afterwards (headache is a side effect of Zofran).
I sat back down then thought ICE! I heard it helps with Nausea!
Popped a drop… within a few minutes my nausea subsided and I was feeling better!
No Zofran! No Zofran headache!

From Tiffany Wagner: Just wanted to share how the ICE drops are helping my 6year old daughter. She’s struggled with constipation for the last 2 years! We’ve been in and out of children’s hospital for the last year. She’s had numerous procedures done, including a sigmoidoscopy, anorectal manometry and balloon expulsion test. For 9 months they had her taking miralax and exlax along with Colon cleanses where she couldn’t eat for 2 days. A few months ago they offered the next treatment as: A course of pelvic PT/biofeedback Botox may also be valuable in view of the lack of distal canal relaxation during balloon distention of the rectum.I’ve been giving her the ICE drops for maybe a month now and am happy to report NO more bowel issues!!! She goes every day. No more accidents, no more belly pain, no more constipation, no more exlax, etc.!!! And this means no more uncomfortable and intrusive tests and treatment! I’m so amazed and so grateful I asked my friend what APLGO was all about and he shared with me these amazing drops!

Daryl MiddletonI’m grateful I purchased some ICE just in case. I’ve never had digestion issues. But today I tried a place I’ve never tried for takeout. I guess it was mild food poisoning worst 30 mins ever…vomitting, and the runs, sweating and that clammy feeling…as soon I was able to leave the bathroom I took two Ice…15 mins my stomach calmed down and hydrating feeling recovered….

Ronnie Greifzu: ICE, I have to take as needed. I have and ulcer and stomach issues, I am always feeling like I am going to through up. Not with this, with in 5 to 10 minutes of just putting this in my mouth, the nausea goes away and will last usually all day!

Daniel MeyerICE
Having had episodes of acid reflux one to three times per week; I decided to see if ICE would help.
I do all of the right things, avoid eating less than two hours before bed, avoid foods known to trigger acid reflux more than four hours before bed, and elevate the head of the bed slightly.
ICE seems to have helped magnificently! Now acid reflux only happens perhaps one time in a month (generally when I break the above guidelines.)
Charyl Reid Not only does ICE taste great it sure has helped my GERD. Sometimes when I am just sitting that awful feeling and taste in my mouth appears. I started taking this and wow now I don’t have to take as many. #gerd
Marilyn Dodsworth I have suffered with IBS for years and have tried many things probiotics have given me some relief but I have to remember to take them all the time. They are not instant. Yesterday suffering with IBS at work I took one of these and instant relief. AMAZING! I will never go anywhere with out ICE again. #ibs
Paul Piccoli I must say ICE is a true blessing. I have suffered from acid reflux for most of my adult life. It’s flares up quite a bit at night and I have trouble sleeping right through. Not any more as since taking ICE at night with RLX it’s the best rest in years #acidreflux

From: Joyce Wilson I was really happy I had the ice the other night – my heart burn was so bad when I tried to lay down – no matter which was I turned it hurt – even when I sat up – I grabbed an ice and almost as soon as it dissolved so did my really bad heart burn !!